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                   A sampling of Who's Who Worldwide members: America's best and brightest     

                Do you think YOU could outhink even one of them, let alone ALL of them...
                REPEATEDLY over a seven-year period?   70,000 champions and leaders.     -- -   Right.
    Who's Who Worldwide Registry, largest executive club in all of human history,
    never asked or told by the U.S. government to change ANYTHING.     Sound odd?      Read on.

    Who's Who Worldwide Registry: closed in a single day after eight years!!     No warning, no fines.
    Not like a tobacco company or Publisher's Clearinghouse. Anybody arrest Ed McMahon or Dick Clark for peddling phonies by the millions?   Is the psychic network less fraudulent for Dionne Warwick's presence?

    Total media blackout.  Search the archives of America's 100 largest newspapers.    Now search the archives of any major news presence.
    Two national newsmagazines began stories that were quashed.   If you doubt this, you are asked if you ever heard of a fifty-million dollar scam involving 147,000 individual crimes.     Where the supposed victims were 70,000+ of the upper leadership in America?
    Look for this story  in every major news environment, in vain, then come back here to read on.

      Thank Reed Elsevier and a postal inspector who appeared to take corruption to a whole rich level.     The membership speaks for itself

    Goizueta Roberto C
    Chairman Of The Board & CEO
    The Coca Cola Company

    Goldstein Steven D
    President & CEO
    American Express Bank
    American Express Tower

    Dillon Gregory R
    Vice Chairman
    Hilton Hotels Corporation
    Beverly Hills CA 90210

    Genovese Leonard A
    President & Chairman
    Genovese Drug Stores Inc
    Alberthal Jr. Lester M
    Electronic Data Systems Corp

    Gournay Patrick P
    President & CEO
    The Dannon Company

    Barbera Joseph
    Co-Chairman & Founder
    Hanna-Barbera Inc

    Fingergut Leon
    Chairman Of The Board
    Russian-American Diamond Corp
    Beverly Hills CA 90212

    Leonis John M
    President & CEO
    Litton Industries Inc

    Liersch Andrew F
    President & CEO
    Goodwill Industries International

    Lewis Fred A
    President & CEO
    MTE Corporation

    Langbo Arnold G
    Chairman of the Board/President/CEO
    Kellogg Company

    Lo Re Linda M
    President & CEO
    Giorgio Beverly Hills

    West James L
    Chairman Of The Board
    The Christian Network

    Holmes Jr. Parris H
    Chairman Of The Board & CEO
    U.S. Long Distance Corp

    Chairman & CEO
    Dean Witter Intercapital Inc
    Two World Trade Center
    New York NY 10048

    Alli Dhanan Jaya
    Vista Pharmacueticals

    Anderson Webster B
    President & Chairman
    Pacific Steamship Corp

    Brooke Richard B
    President & CEO
    Oxyfresh USA Inc

    Boyle Richard J
    Vice Chairman
    Chase Manhattan Corp
    1 Chase Plaza New York

    Argenti Mario
    Chairman & CEO
    The Wella Corporation

    Dwek Cyril S
    Vice Chairman
    Republic National Bank of New York
    Fifth Avenue New York

    Dodge Dora F
    CEO & Chairman
    International Society Magazine Inc
    Palm Beach FL 33480

    Berlin Marvin
    Artificial Intelligence Technologies Inc

    Darehshori Nader F
    Houghton Mifflin Co

    Dudley George W
    Chairman Of The Board
    Behavioral Science Research Press
    Dallas TX 75234

    Dusenberry Philip B
    Chairman & CEO
    BBDO New York
    1285 Avenue of the Americas
    New York NY 10019

    Castle James
    Chairman & CEO
    U.S. Computer Services
    Rancho Cordova CA 95670-6184

    Baev Nikolay
    Chairman Of The Board
    Norodny Bank
    4A Babaevskaya Street
    Moscow Russia 107014

    Baker Harry L
    Chairman & President
    National Insurance Professionals Corp

    Barnes Chuck S
    Chairman Of The Board/CEO
    Advanced Corporate Systems Inc
    824 Avenue H Arlington TX 76011

    Batsakis MD John G
    President & Chairman
    Univ Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Ctr
    Pathology Department
    Houston TX 55530

    Binder Jeffrey I
    Chairman Of The Board
    TelMed Inc
    9350 South Dixie Highway 12th Floor
    Miami FL 33156

    Binkley Nicholas B
    Former Vice Chairman
    BankAmerica Corporation PO Box 3165
    Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067

    Batkin Sanford L
    Chairman & CEO
    Universal Folding Box Co Inc
    Hoboken NJ 07030

    Freedman Eugene M
    Chairman & CEO
    Coopers & Lybrand/Coopers & Lybrand International
    1251 Avenue Of The Americas
    New York NY 10020

    Appelbaum Robert D
    Chairman Of The Board
    Penquin Frozen Foods Inc

    Guirguis MD Raouf A
    President & CEO
    Cancer Diagnostics Inc
    2101 East Jefferson Rockville MD 20852

    Beg M. R
    Imaging Technologies Inc
    Bedford MA 01730

    Bickel Stephen D
    Chairman & CEO
    The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Co
    Houston TX 55519

    Bircher James A
    Chairman Of The Board & CEO
    National Dye Works Inc
    Lynchburg SC 29080

    Blankenship MD Willard J
    Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care
    Mission Viejo CA 92691

    DeArment George S
    Channellock Inc
    Meadville PA 16335

    Chatpar Jawahar C
    CEO & Chairman
    Cyber Digital Inc
    Hauppauge NY 11788

    Herring J. E
    Chairman & CEO
    United Knitting Inc
    310 Industrial Drive Southwest
    Cleveland TN 37311

    DeLuca Michael R
    Chairman & CEO
    Lux Products Corp
    6000 I Commerce Parkway

    Abecassis Serge
    American Neckware Corporation
    1181 South Rogers Circle Suite 26
    Boca Raton FL 33487

    Bragg CCE Jerry L
    J & J International LTD
    1420 North Gilman Boulevard Suite 2250
    Issaquah WA 98027

    Brand W. Calvert
    Chairman Of The Board
    Brands Inc
    Columbus OH 47202

    Buchanan William M
    Chairman Of The Board
    Unified Life Insurance Co
    8575 West 110th Street
    Overland Park KS 66210

    Buck Ronald G
    Chairman & CEO
    IVI Publishing 1380 Corporate Center Drive
    Eagan MN 55121-1247

    Carr Hunter M
    Chairman & CEO
    The Litidex Co
    One Park Ten #200 Houston TX 55584

    Loeks Barrie L
    Sony Theatres
    711 5th Avenue
    New York NY 10022

    Carter Alan J
    Chairman & CEO
    Voice-Tel Enterprises Inc

    939 North Augusta Street
    Staunton VA 24401
    Clark John L
    Chairman & CEO
    Frischkorn Inc
    Richmond Jazz Festival/Chairman Of The Board/ISO 9000

    Collins Edward W
    Vice Chairman
    Autranet Inc Jersey City NJ 07399

    Collins Francis R
    CCL Corporation
    Newton MA 02159

    Conti James C
    Dynatek Dalta Scientific Instruments
    Galena MO 65656

    Cooke Jr. Carlton L
    Medical Polymers Technologies Inc
    8920 Business Park Drive Suite 290
    Austin TX 78759

    Craig Charles A
    Chairman & CEO
    TIARA Motorcoach Corporation
    29618 County Road 12 West
    Elkhart IN 46514

    Cross Clinton V
    CEO & Chairman
    Seabrook Financial Corporation

    New York NY 10116
    Crossley Dr Roger J
    Vestar Inc
    650 Cliffside Drive
    San Dimas CA 91773

    Da Costa Winneke M
    The Prudential California Realty
    166 North Cannon Drive
    Beverly Hills CA 90210

    Dror Daniel
    CEO & Chairman
    Kleer-Vu Industries Inc
    PO Box 24247 Houston TX 77229

    Dubenetsky Yakov
    Chairman Of The Board
    Promstroybank Of Russia
    13 Tverskoi Boulevard
    Moscow Russia 103867

    Faber Ph.D. Horace B
    Chairman & CEO
    Halifax Paper Board Co Inc

    Hanson Ph.D. Bjorn
    Industry Chairman
    Coopers & Lybrand

    Friedman Ronald S
    Chairman Of The Board
    North American Business Services Inc

    Gaddy Bob L
    Chairman & CEO
    Pace Industries

    Gadiesh MBA Orit B
    Chairman of the Board
    Bain & Co Boston MA 02116

    Gaines Sr. Ben M
    Chairman Of The Board
    Gaines Manufacturing Co

    Gibson E. M
    Chairman & CEO
    Corning Lab Services Inc

    DeSantis Sherolyn K
    Chairman Of The Bd/Exec Dir
    Diagnostek Charitable Foundation
    Chairman North American Imaging Inc

    Denham Robert E
    Chairman & CEO
    Salomon Inc
    7 World Trade Center New York

    Devon Wesley S
    Chairman Of The Board & CEO
    Coles Quality Foods Inc

    Goei Esmond T
    Centigram Communications Corp

    Goldstein Gary S
    AFGL International Inc
    71 Broadway New York NY 10006

    Grendahl Dennis T
    Surgidev Corporation
    5943 Thornwood Drive Goleta CA 93117

    Gustin Abe J
    Applebee's International Inc

    Halpern Lee
    Great American Audio Corp

    Hane Ph.D. Craig
    Chairman Of The Board
    TWI Companies

    Henningsen Jr. Victor W
    Henningsen Foods Inc
    White Plains NY 10604

    Herres General Robert T
    Chairman & CEO

    Hilder Jr. Jack R
    Sino-American Inc

    Hsieh Ph.D. Dean S
    Chairman & CEO
    Conrex Pharmaceutical Corporation

    Hunt William O
    Intellicall Inc

    Ippolito Andrew V
    Chairman Of The Board & CEO
    Discovery Oil Ltd

    Kahn Alfred R
    Chairman & CEO
    Leisure Concepts Inc

    Klein Jr. Walter C
    President & Chairman
    Sears Mortgage Corporation

    Leung Conway K Chairman
    Bruna Ferrari Inc
    110 East 9th Street Suite #B1090
    Los Angeles CA 90079

    Magrina MD Javier F
    Mayo Clinic Scottsdale AZ

    Mahon Bruce A
    Chairman Of The Board
    Carnegie Bank

    Masin Michael T
    Vice Chairman
    GTE Corporation
    One Stamford Forum
    Stamford CT 06904

    McGarry Jr. John P
    Chairman & CEO
    Young & Rubicam Inc Worldwide
    Nachtomi Morris
    Chairman & CEO
    Tower Air

    Meek Forrest B
    CEO & Chairman Of Board
    Blue Water Pacific Investments Inc

    Meyer Paul J
    CEO/Chairman Of The Board
    Success Motivation International Inc

    Mishra Kamendra N
    Bioseed Genetics International Inc

    Mitchell William G
    Retired Chairman
    Beatrice Companies Inc
    Wheaton IL 60187

    Mosbacher Georgette
    Chairman & CEO
    Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises Inc

    O'Brien Paul C
    New England Telephone Co Boston MA 02110

    Oliver Jr., John J
    Chairman & Publisher
    Afro American Newspapers

    Popplewell Harold E
    IntelliSys Inc

    Puckett Ph.D. Allen E
    Chairman Emeritus
    Hughes Aircraft Co
    935 Corsica Drive
    Pacific Palisades CA 90272

    Shelton Wayne
    Chairman & CEO
    Hughes Aircraft Co/
    Hughes Information Tech Co
    1768 Business Center Drive
    Reston VA 22090

    Rasmussen William F
    Chairman & President
    IntelliNet Inc

    O'Meara Sara
    Chairman Of The Board
    CHILD HELP USA/International

    Roach Alfred J
    Chairman Of The Board
    American Biogenetic Sciences Inc

    Roos R. C
    Mobil Media Corporation

    Rote Christiaan J
    Vice Chairman
    Merrill Lynch Business Advisory Services

    Rudy Raymond B
    Deputy Chairman
    Snapple Beverage Corp

    Rutkoff Ananda C
    Associated Media
    Beverly Hills CA 90211

    Shmishkiss Stanley
    Chairman of the Board / Founder
    American Cancer Society

    Scharnett T.H.D. James W
    CEO & Chairman
    C&S News Service

    Shutze Virgil C
    BBDO South

    Silverman Jeffrey S
    Ply Gem Industries Inc

    Steiner Jeffrey J
    Chairman & CEO
    The Fairchild Corp

    Stephenson Richard J
    Chairman Of The Board
    Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

    Summers Michael L
    Rolex Capital Corporation

    Terry Robert M
    Chairman & CEO
    Aero Industries Inc

    Trabandt Charles A
    Chairman Global Power Svcs
    Merrill Lynch
    World Financial Center North Tower 27th
    New York NY 10281-1327

    Tysoe Ron W
    Vice Chairman & CFO
    Federated Department Stores

    Vlcek Jr. Donald J
    Domino's Pizza Distribution
    Ann Arbor MI 48104

    Walton Robert E
    American Breeders Service

    Watson John (Jack) C
    The Midland Companies

    Weber Charles A
    Chairman Of The Board
    Weber Manufacturing Inc

    Weisz William J
    Vice Chairman
    Motorola Inc

    Young Myron D
    Ford Credit Europe

    Beardsley James H
    President & CEO
    Master Lock Co

    Bow Stephen T
    President & CEO
    Anthem Life Insurance Companies

    Mehra Manhan
    President & CEO
    BIOTECX Laboratories

    Watson John C
    Midland National Life Insurance Co

    Get a load of THIS one!!
    Dillard, Michael L
    Information Policy Board
    Central Intelligence Agency

    Washington DC

Just a tiny sample of 70,000+ of the biggest, best, brightest institutional and corporate leaders plus some few hundred who slipped through the cracks. Seventy thousand leaders, every one of them allegedly ripped off, and yet these people repeatedly renewed or upgraded their memberships for nearly eight years.    Not one leader of 70,000 ever complained. The few lower-level members who complained were given prompt refunds and generous, expensive gifts.

For the first time in U.S. history, a long-established, mega-million dollar company was closed in a single day, shuttered tight, the competition adopting all their innovations.     Coincidence, not conspiracy?        I see.

And who was assigned the blame for this putatively largest scam in U.S. history?  

Six low-level employees of WWW Registry.

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