Debra Benjamin: she left WWW after raid. As manager and later as VP of Communications The crushing of hard-working salespeople at Whos Who Worldwide Registry



Debra Benjamin: left WWW after raid. As manager and later as VP of Communications, Network Company in Manhattan, she hired former WWW employees. That says a great deal about state of mind and belief right there, doesn’t it?

She testified that she was involved in the mailings, the letters that spoke of nominations, and swore under oath that she did not believe she, or the company, or its employees had done anything criminal.
If there was anything criminal in that, surely she should have been one of the first people to have been charged: she was at the center of everything.

It appears that the gov’t did not think there was anything wrong with that at that time, or surely they would have charged this 2nd-highest ranking of all employees at WWW. This just goes to show us the conspiratorial level of thinking of Prosecutor Ron White; Reed Elsevier; and the self-serving career moves of Martin Beigelman.


Q And isn't it correct that during the time you worked
8 at Who's Who Worldwide, you did not believe that you were
9 committing any crime?
10 A Absolutely.
11 Q That's correct?
12 A That's correct.
13 Q Indeed, when agents -- when postal inspectors came
14 you initially spoke to them without any attorney present;
15 is that correct?
16 A That's correct.
17 Q And that's because you felt no crime was done by you
18 there; is that correct?
19 A Of course.
20 Q As you sit here today, you believe that you committed
21 no crime?
22 A Absolutely.
23 Q And you were involved in arranging for mailings with
24 mailing lists; is that correct?
25 A That's correct.

Beigelman had been to the WWW and Sterling offices a number of times, even as recently as just one week before the raid, when WWW filed a complaint against Joe Parks, a WWW former employee who’d supposedly stolen a great deal of company information and member information that he used to start his own Who’s Who.

Never once did Biegelman intimate that WWW was doing anything wrong, or that they should take a look at certain practices; never once did he tell BG, let alone the employees, that they should stop doing this, or that.

Worse, Joe Parks, who is yet another former employee, is not even here in this courtroom, and he was never charged with stealing the WWW member lists, or other items that he apparently took with him.

We all already know that Martin Beigelman, the man who spearheaded this multi-year, multi-million dollar investigation, who got himself a fat promotion out of this deal, has not appeared at this trial. It’s fair to say that he’s not here because the gov’t knows he would be shown up to be a conniving, corrupt, very dirty gov’t employee, and you'd find it woefully difficult to challenge such a bold statement on my part.

What the jury does NOT know is that his being stationed in California means nothing. In the first place, the
gov’t has spent huge sums flying members out here, including some from California, including a woman who cost you and I thousands of dollars just to come testify for about 5 or 10 minutes that she recv’d a letter with a typographical error, a letter that said, “ASS” instead of Assistant. But the jury never knew that Martin Beigelman was indeed right in the courthouse. You see, ladies and gentleman, just before this trial commenced, we conducted a series of pre-trial hearings. You can bet that Martin Beigelman was here in court every day for THOSE court sessions…. But for all those weeks and months of trial and testimony, Beigelman never allowed the jury to weigh his testimony, nor determine for themselves how dishonest, and yes, how corrupt Agent Martin Beigelman actually is. Worse, the Court allowed this, just as it allowed so many other irregularities, inconsistencies, and improprieties.

This point alone, among so many others, makes and clear and irrefutable argument that the gov’t bent and broke laws, and violated people’s rights, all in the interest of this very political, very questionable case that at first appeared to have benefited only two entities: Martin Beigelman, and Reed Elsevier, a company that has successfully put FIVE would-be competitiors OUT OF BUSINESS!! These facts alone should be more than adequate for you the jury to have found in favor of the defendants regarding conspiracy and mail fraud.

Please remember, GOOD FAITH is a full and complete defense to the charges of mail fraud, and conspiracy.
The trial transcripts speak with unremitting exculpation of the WWW Associate and Senior Associate Directors, yet a jury with employees of the plaintiff (U.S. Postal Service) is not what we call a neutral or unbiased jury.

1 Q And mailings to people who were going to get
2 solicitation letters that said they were nominated; is
3 that correct?
4 A That's correct.
5 Q And you knew the people's names came from mailing
6 lists; is that correct?
7 A Yes.
8 Q And you knew the solicitation letter would say
9 "nominated", correct?
10 A Yes.
11 Q Is it also correct that none of the solicitation
12 letters ever told any member -- withdrawn.
13 Is that correct that none of the solicitation
14 letters actually said that the recipient had been
15 nominated by another member of Who's Who Worldwide? That
16 though always left open another possibility?
17 A To the best of my recollection, yes.


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